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Out of the Cyclone - Guy-Sylvio Bigaignon

Ce roman en anglais de Guy-Sylvio Bigaignon montre la difficulté de vivre et de réussir dans la société multiraciale mauricienne. Le texte qui suit donne la trame de ce roman intéressant :

"From a poverty-stricken life in Mauritius to a murder elucidation in Diego Garcia and further on to self-realisation in London, the novel deals with the self-development of the main protagonist. The latter leads us on a memorable journey and shows us the difficulties one encountered back in those times where honor, integrity and tolerance made-up a good character. Though his main characters- Teddy McGregor, half brothers Joe and Tim-the author describes the complexities of life in the multi-cultural society which is Mauritius. Poverty compels Joe to stop-studying for a job in Diego Garcia where, to his deception, Teddy, his white childhood enemy, is deputy manager.

Fortunately, Teddy gradually becomes his friend, who will not only advise him to resume his studies but will also pay his fares to London where the lives of the two brothers are turned around surprisingly."

L’auteur, né le 14 juin 1930 à l’île Maurice, a été principal administrateur de l’OCDE et il est l’auteur d’autres ouvrages : "Le Paille-en-Queue", pour lequel il obtiendra un prix littéraire, et en 1984 "Les Naufragés", son second roman.



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